A1 Parochial Bus Service


A1 School Bus Service is a transportation means for schools, churches, and day care programs. We transport your group safely to your planned functions such as sports activities, field trips, entertainment functions and any kind of group activity. Call us and tell us about your planned function. We will help you with the price and suggestions about your activity.

A1 School Bus Service is fully licensed and insured to transport you and your group safely and reliably to whatever road trip you have planned. Our drivers are experienced and are trained to take care of your transportation needs.

The owner, Deda Berente, has been a dependable and reliable bus driver for 40 years, it is in her heart and she always puts you first. She served for many years in different parts of the country and setteled in Baton Rouge in 1992. This company started with her first company, A1 Personnel. We were asked to find drivers for the person who owned the bus. Deda was very particular in screening drivers and after going through 9 drivers who ended up unreliable, she decided to drive for the owner herself. She drove for the previous owner for 4 years and then the owner had to sell the bus because of health reasons. In 2002, the owner approached Deda about taking over the business and Deda accepted. A1 School Bus Service was born. We marketed and made the service into a successful field trip service. Knowing that most other buses were on their school bus routes, we started building our business with after school activities then went on to summer day camps and church activities.

So, call us with your questions and we will do our very best to help you plan out your activity ideas. We are small but reliable and very busy. Please, book early because we often book up weeks in advance.

Don't be surprised if you see us anywhere, at any time from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, east to Covington or West to Lafayette, and all in between. Our prices are very reasonable and our service is unmatched. We look forward to hearing from you.


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