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No Job too big or too small!

A1 Handyman has been serving the Baton Rouge area since 1997. We are reliable and reasonable. You will not have a problem with us not showing up as is the typical case with many handymen. We are residential and commercial and are fully licensed and insured. When you call us, you are calling a competitive professional who will give you a fair assessment of your project. We do everything from the ground to the crown. Emergency and after-hour services available!

Licenses / Credentials:

. Contractors License #36474

. Occupational License

. Member of East Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce

A1 Handyman: a Person with Many Talents

A capable A1 handyman is a person who can help you get all your small and odd jobs done on time. You realize how helpful your local A1 handyman can be when you have a job that you might not be able to complete as a quick and simple do-it-yourself project, but it may be too small to hire a contractor. A handyman is a person who can help you with all kinds of jobs, from the renovation of a room to helping with household repairs. They are proficient in multiple jobs such as painting your house, solving minor plumbing and electrical issues, installing and repairing drywall, and taking care of your landscape. You can also hire skilled handymen to look after your property. A local A1 handyman can help you with your smallest tasks. They can even help you take care of those botched DIY jobs you never completed. An A1 handyman has experience, reliability, flexibility and commitment to work. He is often called a 'Jack of all trades'. An A1 handyman can complete any job with great expertise and can show his capability and creativity in a number of jobs!

When Do You Need an A1 Handyman?

So, when do you decide to hire an A1 handyman? You might have a number of small and diverse tasks to be done, which cannot be done by a contractor. Next you need to decide whether you can complete the tasks by yourself. You need to consider you skills along with the time required for completing a project. Will you have enough time to complete all the repair and maintenance work by yourself? You need to realize that some tasks need to be completed immediately. If you don't have time to do the small and essential jobs by yourself, better hire a professional A1 handyman.

An experienced A1 handyman is great if you have a number of repairs that you need to take care of. It is not possible to hire a contractor for every small job. You can easily find a reliable A1 handyman for completing small DIY projects. He is the best person for your day to day repair and maintenance jobs. Hiring a handyman is more economical than hiring a contractor for small jobs.

A1 Handyman: Perfect for Every Job

An A1 handyman can help you with any job. You may be planning a remodeling project or want to paint your house. You may be left with some building and finishing tasks. A handyman in proficient in all types of job, right from painting, repairs to installations. You may enjoy taking on some do-it-yourself projects but maybe certain aspects of the job are beyond your capabilities or possibly there are just some projects you don't want to handle yourself. A skilled A1 handyman can prove to be the best person to help you with your DIY projects. He can help you to improve your own skills as well. It is obvious that every home needs repairs from time to time. Even if you take the best care of your property, things will break and you will need to get them repaired. It's not an understatement to say that a dependable A1 handyman often proves to be a homeowner's best friend.

You may have been painting your house and splattered paint all over your wooden floor. Or you might want to give your walls a new look. Some issues might be too small to hire a contractor, but require quick repairs. A talented A1 handyman is just the person for the job.

Some problems might need immediate attention. When you need help you often tend to look to a family member, neighbor or friend, who might know how to deal with the problem. However, seeking help from an untrained person may make the problem worse and take even longer to fix. A trained A1 handyman on the other hand, can solve your problems easily and efficiently.

A1 Handyman: The Best Friend for Your Home

This business is often run by a single person. If you make an appointment with an A1 handyman to come give you an estimate or handle your repairs, but need to cancel, do not forget to call the handyman and cancel the appointment. Handymen offer their services to many clients and cannot afford to waste their time. You can always get your appointment with an A1 handyman rescheduled.

An A1 handyman is a person of many skills. He can work on all types of projects and deliver desired results. If he cannot solve a problem, he tells you about the problem and the right person to call for help. When it comes to helping you maintain your home a reliable A1 handyman can truly be your best friend.




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